Healthy Cells, Healthy You with Janet Walker

Stress! Give your body Laminine to Repair

August 24, 2022 A LifePharm Podcast
Stress! Give your body Laminine to Repair
Healthy Cells, Healthy You with Janet Walker
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Healthy Cells, Healthy You with Janet Walker
Stress! Give your body Laminine to Repair
Aug 24, 2022
A LifePharm Podcast

Together, we'll build Healthy Cells, and a Healthy You!

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Together, we'll build Healthy Cells, and a Healthy You!

 Janet Walker  00:00

Stress is a physical and emotional reaction that all of us encounter through the challenges of life. Occasional stress is a normal coping mechanism. However, long term or chronic stress may contribute to or worsen a range of health problems, including digestive disorders, headaches, sleep disorders, and even depression and anxiety. There's no drug to cure stress, but there are strategies to manage it, including giving your body the right nutritional support. Welcome, everyone. I'm your host, Janet Walker. for over 16 years I've been a writer and producer for the award-winning national PBS Health Information Programs, American Health Journal, and innovations in medicine. We've interviewed 1000s of doctors, scientists and researchers on every topic related to health and medicine. In this podcast, I'll be focusing on ways to improve your health on a cellular level. We'll also discuss the science research and products developed by our sponsor LifePharm Incorporated, a company dedicated to cellular repair, longevity and healthy aging. Welcome listeners. Today I'm so happy to be joined again by Dr. Thomas Stocker. He's a pioneering practitioner, educator, speaker, writer, inventor and researcher in the fields of energy medicine. The last time he joined us, Dr. stocker told us all about his acoustic restoration therapy, a fascinating DNA resonance signaling technique that uses vibrational patterns to support our core energy, manage stress and promote healing. Dr. stocker is also a global leader in epigenetic nutrition and a Scientific Advisory Board member of LifePharm, our sponsor and the manufacturer of a cell repairing supplement called Laminine. I asked Dr. stocker to talk to us today about stress and to tell us about his expertise and experience with the stress managing supplement called Laminine. Thank you so much for joining us again, Dr. Stalker.

 Dr. Thomas S.  02:00

Hello, Jeanette. It's nice to be back in to talk to you again.

 Janet Walker  02:04

You know, stress and depression is impacts so much of the population nearly 4% of the world's population, about 280 million people suffer from depression. I know that you've worked with many patients who suffer from stress. Have you found that stress has been a big factor in the physical and and also in mental disease in the last number of years?

 Dr. Thomas S.  02:27

It has absolutely increase now especially with all what's going on, you know, with COVID with the lockdowns, you know, and basically, our system is completely now running completely on the sympathetic nervous system. And this is the fight and flight response. As everyone comes in here, on this is what I can see on my little Nihlus machine, you know, it impacts basically each single part of your being, or this is more than 90% I think, you know, it's definitely more than 90% when you go really into research, you will read all the same you know, stress is more than 90% impact of everything, right, it changes it changes everything in your system.

Janet Walker  03:13

So LifePharm recently did a webinar with Dr. Kimberly who's been on the show before and you talked about the psycho neuro immunology science study that causes premature aging. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

 Dr. Thomas S.  03:27

Yeah, the bottom is today in our society for the stress we were having basically nearly 24 hours a day and distress is not only coming you know what I explained to my clients is not only coming when you go to work your stress to go out and it's also the stress from your environment from the TV towers from the mobile phone you know this all impacted on your on your system you know people are most of time not aware of this Yeah. And in the long run this has a effect on your physical being you know, the kidney get exhausted and the care gives you leaky gut and all this you know, for the reason why you're running simple explained constantly under the sympathetic nervous system. Is this like a switch in the brain, you know, it switches over to the sympathetic, sympathetic nervous system. And that means all the other organs shutting down and you're running basically your whole life on your adrenals on the adrenals are responsible to keep the whole system running till they get exhausted. Yeah, this is how I explained it really simple for people, you know, and what we need to I call it like a switch, you know, we need to switch it over to this parasympathetic system as well but this is what then the nervous vagus comes in into the equations and everything. And when a lot of people's stress so much, they actually get really tense in their shoulders. As think you know that Feeling the neck hurts. You get headaches? Yeah, just having a look at the location where the nervous vagus is where it comes out, it means the muscles passing to the nerve, isn't it and this activates it too much. Yeah. And that needs to be relaxing again, by the headaches most of the time coming only from one source. And this is familiar tense muscles, the blood can flow into the brain properly, isn't it on the blood transports nutrition, on tender brain misses to nutrition, as well, as there's so many components, it comes to that you know, and in the long run, it affects everything you know,

Janet Walker  05:36

so then anxiety, stress, depression, some of these things can be combatted, with, like nutrition and massage to relieve that,

Dr. Thomas S.  05:45

that can be absolutely combated with nutrition and massage, you know, and when people are looking after themselves, this is really good things to do. And most of our most of time, the people I encounter here is with them, you know, there have been family stress. And nowadays, the basically they're running the whole day, they can't sleep, to sleep only for two, three hours on this has an impact on the organs, you know, and drinking and having not healthy food, and whatever everything is impacting it, you know, the stress, you know, it stops the body functioning normally. And then deep down there, our body is trying to balance everything. Yeah. And this is when the blood tests coming into the game and all these then you can see how the changes occur. And the thing is, stress is basically everything. When I see it, you know, of course, there's genetic stuff as well. But stress is be honest, 98% or even 99% a cause of everything. Wow. Yeah, it's not only 90 or 80%. Right? See, I see stress not only the definition of stress, there's so many definitions as well, you know, but when you see the stress definitions on it, not only physicals on this dash test, and in the bio fields around your body as well, you know, when this is out of balance, it makes it much worse. And this is completely out of balance, there's disruption in there, the body creates new pathways, you know, this is when let's say cancer develops, whatever cancer is nothing more than just cells that don't know what to do. They're going and going, you know, basically, our body is it's not only our physical bodies and has an energetic field, this is the quantum physics now we're getting into you know, the call it there give it so many different names, you know, and this is basically an energetic field that is then disrupted as well, this is actually a to protect us and to make it to stay calm, you know, when something come comes in this energetic field. That means the body is trying to regulate it to keep it up. So we stay healthy, on this is completed and disturbed when we are under stress, when they go and all that and all that and it is damages on the organs and everything and then comes the diagnostic and you have this and this but when this feels calm down, then the body behaviors back to his normal state. That is what I discovered.

Janet Walker  08:27

So we had such a fascinating discussion last time about some of the therapies you're using, and your acoustic restoration therapy. But you mentioned a supplement made by our sponsor LifePharm called Laminine. And so many of our experts have mentioned it. So I'd like to go into some detail about Laminine. And what it is. Let me start by asking how important is nutritional supplementation for stress related conditions and for general health,

 Dr. Thomas S.  08:57

I think is a major component of everything to help to regulate to reduce the effects of stress and to general health. The reason is our body needs energy to process FSA, everything we're doing and this causes chemical reactions in our body. Yes, and when this chemical reaction hasn't got enough nutrition, what we need this is mostly the amino acids where our body makes mostly all his nutrition by itself. Not many people know that either but it is the way it is. And this is why it's so important. And this is why I love the product so much. It's really does to chop it says it does.

Janet Walker  09:43

So what is Laminine

Dr. Thomas S.  09:47

is made basically from a fertilized egg. And I what I like on it the most of it. It has all amino acids in it on I mean all Have it not only one or two, yeah, that it has all even 22 amino acids in it. And those amino acids are the building blocks of life. Yeah, as it's like you're building a house, if you need to have the whole structure, you need to have the bricks, each single one on this helps the body to regenerate in a absolutely amazing way. And there's also another component in there called FGF. Two on this has a medically known as well as an indigenous inhibitor of anxiety. Yeah, it's well known in this one on this is absolutely amazing. And the boss is how they're created laminin as it brings basically all nutrients to the part of the body who needs to repair first, yeah, on debt is really like this. And I must really say, I have on my whole clinic just under laminae. Now, I have absolutely canceled on this is not made up over 90 70% of my other products. Buy. It just has to talk for me. You know, I work differently. Yes, it is. On this is another reason why I'm doing all this why people need to become aware. And I just love it. Yeah.

 Janet Walker  11:27

How long? Have you known about Laminine? How long have you been using it for your patients?

Dr. Thomas S.  11:31

I must say I don't know, it's not four years, five years. And when I was first introduced to it, I was so busy in all this, I haven't got time to look at it in my head, I look at ingredients. And then I just started to get tested on myself. And it all does something different. And then I asked my old patient to say listen, I got something new. And do you mind to give it a go? And whoa, they're laughed at they got so much energy immediately, you know, and they say oh, okay, and then I did the testing on it. And so I started doing my own research Yeah, on after I've done my own research, then I looked all up the research there have grown as an artist is even better than what they're explaining year by year. And so it just developed out like this, you know, on youth can find basically, all the evidence even in every single research is always amino acids coming up, you know, but they're using a singular, on I think when the body is using the amino acids, your body knows exactly which one he needs, you know, and it's on to further studies, you need to look up LifePharm on the website. And I mean, there's some, I think on my website as well anyway, and there's a few videos in there, you know, for the man who developed it, it's just amazing, you know, and so I'm using it.

 Janet Walker  12:59

And they've done a number of clinical studies, or data.

Dr. Thomas S.  13:03

Yeah, not only clinical studies, but I laugh on it in America. All the borders is actually Skyped by medical doctors as well as a on this is a big step, but they're really sticking to the regulations. You know, it's clean, it has this you know, and on this, I just laugh and I can let us tell you stories about it. What I have seen is not only good for humans is absolutely amazing for animals.

 Janet Walker  13:30

Oh really? Oh, now that I hadn't heard and I'm very familiar with Laminine Because as a producer for the American Health journal and innovations in medicine for PBS, we've done a number of segments about their research and about, you know, the development of the product. And this is the first I've heard that people are using it for their pets or for their animals.

 Dr. Thomas S.  13:53

I have big horses I got warmbloods and they're basically 17 hands and they're designed to do dressage competitions and never been sick and I tested I got friends you know, Australia, we have a lot of horses here. And I financially it was a big competition in something else. And there was something's called Queensland ditch from the heat the horses there so he died ripping their hair out. They're really bad conditions and wellness and well when it's so good for the human beings must be better for the animals as well. And all the horses she tweeted with that she gave the laminin you know, they were within a couple of weeks, they stopped biting everything and even to hear critical back. And then I started to use it on insured animals and this was even better. And I had even clients that tested it first on their animals. You know, I had a lady the dog was 18 years old. He could not walk anymore and Basically everything in the leader and but she didn't want to put them down and all this while she loved him so much of course you know, and she did the EFA thing and within get from him laminin within two days he was running around the flat went to his leader did always do normally again. Then she said no, that can't be and then she stopped again. Then three days later, he was just lying there on that helped that little dog to survive another two years without pain. 

 Janet Walker  16:46

Well, you know, one of the studies that we did a program on was the LifePharm telomere study that showed that the Laminine actually works on the ends of the chromosomes to lengthen them to lengthen those telomeres and you know restoring those cells and so I guess that works, whether it's human whether it's an animal we all have those cells and those telomeres right those the ends of the chromosomes.

 Dr. Thomas S.  17:13

Absolutely. I have seen things and trust me everyone on laminin a terrace quickly a few experience. Young woman severe menstrual cycles really bad out of time and too late too early. blocked everything within not even one two months, they all come back to normal with each one. Well, yeah, and especially for anxiety and all this there's going to be rich used within not even a week to be honest, you know? And, and for even for paying for everything you know, and there is a certain things that I know how to do it. So people are aware of it, I can use my machines here, you know, but the thing is, when someone is in a lot of pain, it takes about their receptors in the brain say okay, it's getting less, you know, there's a little bit tend to can make people aware. But it is absolutely. Yeah, there's a reason another reason why I'm using only this one now, but it is just amazing. And they see the telomeres as well. And I had people on it, I mean, gentleman on it many years ago, he should not be here anymore, either. But is now over 72 He still advanced 10 kilometers a day. I mean, even running, running, and all his scar tissues disappeared, all of them. There is no scars in the body anymore. And he was about man, you know, Australian, being in Sydney doing all this sailing and boxing. And it's all disappeared within a couple of one two years. He said, Oh, my scar tissue is gone. You know, it really repairs you completely but you have to give it time, it's not done in a second, you know, you can just you when you know how much to give, and all these you can increase the productivity of it, you know, on this has to do emotionally as well, you know,

 Janet Walker  19:18

and let's talk about the safety of the product. It's all whole food ingredients, correct?

 Dr. Thomas S.  19:25

Yes. So

 Janet Walker  19:28

unless someone is allergic to eggs, because the main one of the main ingredients for the fibroblast growth factor is the egg extract. So aside from someone who's allergic to eggs, and possibly shellfish with the with the marine protein that's added to it, it's a completely safe product. Is that correct?

 Dr. Thomas S.  19:52

It's absolutely correct., I make everyone aware and ask them and then sometimes, you know, they tell me. And then oh my god, I have this and this and that's okay. Don't panic. Do me a favor. Just  take it a week and then just take one tablet. And guess what's happening? There start feeling better. They have no allergic reaction for it. Interesting. And then take just one tablet and see your body's tolerating it or not, you know. And three weeks later, she called me up, have worked completely failed off on she felt so good. You know? As that is my experience, whether on debt on asset, oh, wow, that's really amazing. I have until now. Sometimes people get when it's too much, you know, and but you have to remember when you're taking the laminate is not only gives you nutrition, This activates your consciousness, okay? It's really important, though, is not only the nutrition, you know, this is when you're thinking,

 Janet Walker  21:31

What do you mean by that it activates your consciousness?

 Dr. Thomas S.  21:35

What do you think what's happened to your body, when you're getting certainly so much energy in there, it's just, it's not only going there and tells you hey, deal with, let's say, with the liver, and whatever, you know, this is a whole system is getting kind of aware, you know, and that is what I teach people with, with my thing, and they're all using the laminin as well. But the thing is, you need to be aware of it, you know, it's not only taking a pill, the symptom goes away. The reason I assume you have a symptom is stress. You know, this is all stored in your body, you know, on laminin, Vidya awake, since it comes with this one, we can make it we cannot make probably our next podcast about this, I would love to, but it's a different approach, how to see things, you know, and I use it sometimes, you know, as people sleep coming bed and for kids that works amazing for kids, and you just need to give one or even just a half of the thing, you know, and the parents see immediately, in effect 

 Janet Walker  22:45

Well, it's interesting, because one thing that that expert, after expert that I've talked to has said about this product is it's a smart product, it fills in the gaps, and it goes to where your body needs it. So if the issue is sleep, it helps you sleep, if it's anxiety, it helps you be calm, if it's joint pain, it helps your joint. So I've talked to you know, chiropractors, I've talked to mental health practitioners, and it seems like they all say the same thing. It goes where the body needs it to go, it's a very smart, yeah, product and I don't know if that's the FGF the fibroblast growth factor that's doing that.

 Dr. Thomas S.  23:26

That's the whole combination of it, you need to look the history on it as well, you know, no, I come in with this one, even when it restores, you know, and what I have seen on my people, you know, how they're changing as well you know, and this is mentally as well that gets so much better you know, and

 Janet Walker  23:46

is there is there a typical dose, you know, one or two once a day twice a day

Dr. Thomas S.  23:54

the maintenance here is always with my people, I got another device it measures what is it called? I forgot there was a quantum Magnetic Resonance body analyzer forgot to mention this one. And this measures your mineral levels and all this and everything amino acids, intracellular and when this one is in the green, I say to my people, okay, your tank is full, and then I started choosing everything. Yeah, but then the body has enough energy to do it by itself. And when people are really depleted and have things and I can only talk at the moment by you know, my main clientele is cancer patients on chemotheraphy. They are on high doses they have sometimes 12 a day minimum and the Digestive is a vital part of it as well you know, I love the product Digestive by this has basically three products in once says prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzimes.

Janet Walker  25:00

So there's other products that complement the Laminine. 

Dr. Thomas S.  25:05

Yeah. The other ones as well, not on the Laminine. They have Digestive, you know, and they have Immune, that is absolutely magic. Yeah. And they have amazing Omega as well, what I use my body as a guinea pig. And I must really say after swallowing nearly one or two packages in a week, within a month or two, all my gray hair disappeared. Since many years now. And you can really see, especially with the woman as the nails going bigger, stronger. And really gray hair disappears. And absolutely, and your wrinkles disappear as well after Well, you look much younger. That is absolutely amazing. telomeres. Yeah, no, I have seen it all the time, you know, and I still have not figured out what the animals need so much less than we do. But it's probably our thought process. But this requires energy as well. But it's absolutely amazing. Yeah.

Janet Walker  26:30

I'm going to start taking it. Everybody I talked to all the experts love it. So I think I'm gonna have to order some and start and give it a try.

Dr. Thomas S.  26:39

Janet, the thing is, you know, it's not only this is what I try, this is completely new, no, like, with the beds, you know, it's not only you're feeling better, it changes your eat on people not aware when they're changing when the bad has more energy, you have more communication skills, you know, and one thing you have to think, in one way, you know, distress you had until now this is basically what makes people sick. Yeah. When you have less stress, I discovered people that do not realize when they feel better, but they're still in their stress situation. That's it, oh, I have to survive. I have to work in all these, you know, they do not realize when they're walking with a bit less pain to make him aware of it. As a mentor basically come to me in the clinic, sometimes I use, I got a certain staff that really count you down as well, not only the beds, you know, the body needs more help.

Janet Walker  27:40

And yeah, I just I just want to mention, you mentioned the beds a few times. I just want to remind our listeners, the beds that Thomas is talking about are part of his acoustic reservation, I'm sorry, part of his acoustic restoration therapy, which is all part of his DNA resonance signaling program. We talked about that in a previous episode. So I just wanted to in case our listeners missed that episode, please go back and listen to it and you'll learn about this fascinating technology that uses this DNA resonance signaling and these Acoustic Resonance restoration therapy beds. Okay, sorry, I just wanted to get that in in case people were confused if they didn't listen to the last episode.

Dr. Thomas S.  28:24

So I forgot about it's just about Laminine. No, but this is why the combination works so well but the laminin is absolutely that will help you so much reduce your pain you will be surprised and you need to get and you need to get your phone you need to get the moon up in there as well. This is that stuff is absolutely magic.

Janet Walker  28:45

Actually the Immune I've started taking I have started taking the immune and the digestive so always little by little I'm you know as I'm talking to the experts about these products and I'm getting interested in how they might bring health to me so I've started taking them but the Laminine I haven't taken yet so

Dr. Thomas S.  29:03

you're taking definitely two or three Laminine in the morning and midday do not take it after three o'clock. I can't sleep at night This stuff is so strong.

Janet Walker  29:11

Oh so Laminine is best taken in the morning. 

Dr. Thomas S.  29:15

In the morning at midday. I want you to midday on then. Let me know within a couple of weeks how your pain is doing get it in okay. Yeah, well. I have not sold any multivitamins anything since over four years in my clinic. You don't need it anymore. This is a little bit misinformation we have for medicine. Our body makes his own minerals, vitamins, everything. I had many people that were older live iron deficient. There were certainly after half a year the blood tests come back with normal Ireland levels, not giving anything and be the last one had vitamin D deficiencies all her life and certainly spec to normal

Janet Walker  30:02

that's what if I take vitamin D I take vitamin D so I mean that's a good point as far as the the cost of all the different vitamins and minerals and things that people take if Laminine, Digestive and Immune are really filling in all the gaps and taking care of the whole gut system and the immune system and regenerating the cells and they probably don't need all the vitamin D vitamin C you know glucosamine and all the other you know iron and all the other supplements that they're taking

Dr. Thomas S.  30:41

Yeah, I have a special product is called the Refive, this is all in one saschets you know and you don't have to open five bottles you know that's what I give to my people for maintenance on they have this once a month and this you know but in the long run is still the cheapest version what I have discovered I mean it talks here by itself .My people they are on it's now and not only for two three months will feel better but they understand the process and that's me doesn't mean you don't need other things you know but for me and I only give the ideal with sick people can only be so maintenance you know they have the last leg dealt with the leg she was on trophy moon a day. Wow. But when you see what they did, they wanted to amputate the leg on the same day and they refused but in four weeks it was closed Wow. I have all the evidence we even showed it on LifePharm video with  Kimberly you know and she said basically oh my god that really works for animals. It was a show horse who's in the thing on cut his whole hoof up you know everything and that's about you cannot put it on there will be a scar on gets lost. No scar tissue at all. Wow. That is how really potent it is. You know?

Janet Walker  32:34

Well I know that. People that I've talked to throughout the interviews I've done that take the product really swear by it. I mean they I've heard story after story about how good people feel.

Dr. Thomas S.  32:49

Laminine I tell my people is  purely just a nutritional product. Yeah. And it complements everything. I use it for people you know they're to chemotherapy and radiation to help to reduce the symptoms. Now a few doctors they are trained in nutrition to say okay, that's safe take it you know, and then they take it on that kind of way they have a reduction in that one as well. You know why it's basically just working on the on the nutritional basics you know, and it's absolutely I can go on for hours and hours. But the thing is the combination this is the best product I must really say what enabled me to choose all the other products and doesn't mean the other products are bad. It's just I needed a product when people when you choose it, it still keeps the people healthy, you know, with all the other stuff you need to keep them on the same dosages for years and years. Not just think differently, you know, and then even when you have a good nutrition then one Laminine is enough a day you know,

Janet Walker  34:06

well there's just a lot of excitement about the results that people are getting. Taking Laminine Yeah, and I know that the clinical studies are amazing too. So they're good.

Dr. Thomas S.  34:15

Yeah, absolutely outstanding. The clinical studies, they are amazing. But other studies from the people that even get the more amazing and what is really amazing actually is from sorry acids for skin conditions, that heals so much quicker with that it's just that makes sense when you read the studies and on I use it now for my you know for my people in here and I get amazing results as well as when they're happy with it.

Janet Walker  34:43

And Laminine is manufactured in the US using the FDA good manufacturing practices. So again, it's high quality, whole food safe, effective, just a good product

Dr. Thomas S.  34:56

when the gift of age nutrition. You will be surprised how the body is able to restore itself it's just absolutely amazing on you will see the huge difference just with nutrition now you know and but the only difference is now what I make people aware now it's not only you're changing the symptoms are gone there is a reason why your head to symptoms.

Janet Walker  35:19

Thank you so much for being with us again Dr. Thomas.

Dr. Thomas S.  35:24

Yeah, thank you Janet for this little talk as well again and I would love to talk to you about all the other stuff and bringing into the world now so people know about it and looking forward to that one as well.

Janet Walker  35:36

Great listeners if you'd like to learn more about Dr. Thomas stockers practice, please check the description page or Facebook page for the healthy sales healthy you podcast. And to learn more about Laminine and the other products manufactured by LifePharm, please visit www dot I'm your host Janet Walker. Thanks so much for listening together we'll build healthy cells and a healthy you.