Healthy Cells, Healthy You with Janet Walker

Who doesn't love to win? Love your skin for a WIN-WIN!

April 23, 2022 A LifePharm Podcast Season 1 Episode 8
Who doesn't love to win? Love your skin for a WIN-WIN!
Healthy Cells, Healthy You with Janet Walker
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Healthy Cells, Healthy You with Janet Walker
Who doesn't love to win? Love your skin for a WIN-WIN!
Apr 23, 2022 Season 1 Episode 8
A LifePharm Podcast

Welcome back skin expert Annette Richardson of Regen OC to tell us all about stem cell therapy and a cell regenerating supplement, OMNIA. 

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Welcome back skin expert Annette Richardson of Regen OC to tell us all about stem cell therapy and a cell regenerating supplement, OMNIA. 

Would you like to try OMNIA for free?  No purchase required...Enter to win and get in the ZONE! 
1.     Download the free channel American Health Journal on your Streaming TV platform:  Amazon Fire, Apple TV, or ROKU (Just search your TV apps for “American Health Journal”)

 2.     Look for the “Healthy Cells, Healthy You!” LifePharm box at the top of the page and click on it. Message me that you've downloaded the channel on the Healthy Cells, Healthy You Facebook page or Instagram (healthycellspodcast) page or email me at  Tell me the COLOR of the man's shirt on the LifePharm video banner on the channel!

Download and message or email me by May 15th to be eligible to win a free bottle of Omnia!

 It’s that easy!  Tell your friends! It’s a great way to share LifePharm’s important research, clinical studies and product information.

Together, we'll build Healthy Cells, and a Healthy You!

 Janet Walker  00:01

Stay tuned listeners, coming your way this episode, we’ve got a way for many lucky listeners to try an amazing skin product for FREE! find out how you can win a month supply of one of LifePharm’s amazing cellular repair products that we will be talking about in today’s episode!

Janet Walker  00:19

Welcome to Healthy Cells, Healthy You!, the show about health and cellular repair. This podcast is brought to you by LifePharm Incorporated, a company whose research and innovative formulations are making news and changing lives. I'm Janet Walker, your host and a writer and producer for the national award winning PBS health information television programs, American Health Journal, and Innovations in Medicine. One of LifePharm’s most important clinical studies that was featured in one of our PBS programs was about telomeres, a component of our chromosomes that plays a key role in health and longevity of ourselves. 

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Janet Walker  01:58

We're joined again today by Annette Richardson, founder and director of Magento C aesthetics in Corona del Mar California. Annette has been a practitioner director and consultant for aesthetic medical practices for over 30 years. Her practice, Regen OC Aesthetics, specializes in the newest facial and body treatments, including the most recent stem cell therapies. Annette has been a frequent guest expert on TV’s the American Health Journal and Innovations in Medicine, and has been featured in Orange County's Basque and Riviera magazines. Welcome back, Annette. And thanks so much for joining us again.

Annette Richardson  02:35

Oh, it is my pleasure. I love to see you, Janet. So thank you for having me.

Janet Walker  02:42

I love to see you too. In fact, I've been interviewing you and we need a skin expert for over 15 years. And I have to say you look exactly the same, you haven't aged at all. So something's going right for whatever you're doing in your practice.

Annette Richardson  02:58

Thank you, I'd love to hear that it doesn't get old. Saying that. I should know what I'm doing by now.

Janet Walker  03:10

So last time, we talked in depth about skin health and environmental factors that affect the skin. And you mentioned nutrition as being an important factor. So how does nutrition play a role in young looking skin?

Annette Richardson  03:29

Well, the skin is our largest organ out of all of our organs. It's part of our excretory system. So what we put in to our bodies has a huge effect on our largest organ and a lot of our organs. So part of why our skin looks terrible if we have poor nutrition is because we're not getting the proper nutrients that our skin cells need to regenerate and produce new healthy cells or collagen and elastin and fibronectin

Janet Walker  04:07

The last time we talked we talked about a product that is manufactured by LifePharm Incorporated, which was a topical serum that protects the skin from the outside in. But given the fact that we have these nutritional deficits, LifePharm created a product called Omnia that protects the skin from the inside out. Can we talk a little bit about that product and the blend of ingredients?

Annette Richardson  04:36

Yes, I am a fan of the Omnia product. I have been using the Omnia nutrition supplement for years now since it was released. It is important to know that you're receiving the right amount of nutrients and vitamins in order to stay healthy.

Janet Walker  05:03

Can we talk a little bit about the Omnia blend?

Annette Richardson  05:07

Absolutely, I love the Omnia product, and the blend that they put together is so powerful.

Janet Walker  05:17

So before we get into the specific ingredients of the blend, give me a little overview of what Omnia is and what it's meant to do?

Annette Richardson  05:26

Omnia is a nutritional supplement that you take daily, and it's meant to ensure that you are receiving the proper amounts of nutrients and vitamins for your health. That is what it is meant to do. Because let's face it, we are not in a world right now where we have time to make sure that we're eating properly and getting the proper nutrition that we need in order to stay healthy and keep our immune system up.

Janet Walker  06:02

And it's specifically formulated for the health of our skin is that correct?

Annette Richardson  06:07

Skin, but the skin is our largest organ. So if our skin is healthy, our organs are healthy, it shows on our skin.

Janet Walker  06:17

Now let's get into the specific ingredients and blends that make up Omnia. First is spirulina. What is that?

Annette Richardson  06:27

Spirulina is a digestible plant protein. And it's one of the most powerful antioxidants that helps neutralize free radical damage throughout the skin and body.

Janet Walker  06:41

And then there's a specific antioxidant and botanical blend. And that also contains some powerful ingredients. What's in the antioxidant blend?

Annette Richardson  06:51

Well, they put grapeseed extract, selenium, zinc, and magnesium. And all of those help aid in the protection from environmental damage. And they also help improve your blood circulation as well.

Janet Walker  07:08

And then there's the rejuvenation complex. So tell us a little bit about that.

Annette Richardson  07:13

I love the rejuvenation complex, because that again, helps the aging of your skin has a hyaluronic acid, it has the L cysteine amino acid, and it has your fish, collagen, and all of those help with the skin regeneration. And it helps the protein structure of your hair as well.

Janet Walker  07:37

Are there any other vitamins that are included in the supplement? 

Annette Richardson  07:41

Yes, it has all of the B’s so it has a super V vitamin D complex. And that also helps support healthy skin, hair and nails.

Janet Walker  07:52

And B’s are good for energy, right?

Annette Richardson  07:55

Energy and just overall feeling good. If I don't have if I'm lacking in BS, you can actually feel depressed. And then it's misdiagnosed when really all you need is to have the proper amount of E complex in your body.

Janet Walker  08:13

Interesting. And then lastly, just like the topical product that we talked about last time, there's that egg bioactive growth factor. Let's just explain again what that is, because I know that it's an important and powerful ingredient. And I want to make sure if our listeners missed the explanation last time, they're hearing about it again.

Annette Richardson  08:37

Right now, the egg bioactive growth factors that come from the fertilized egg. What they do is they're all different. There's different types of growth factors that come from the egg, but each one has a specific duty. And all these growth factors do is they feed the skin cell structure, and they nourish it, and stimulate. So they'll  grow different parts of your skin or different parts of the hair follicle. They'll grow whatever it is that you're applying it to or when you're ingesting it. What that's doing is it's going to the area that you need it the most and then growing collagen growing elastin or helping the cell structure helping the body overall.

Janet Walker  09:29

And then I know that LifePharm did some studies with regard to this specific ingredient and telomeres, which are very important for cellular regeneration. Can you tell us a little bit about that? What are telomeres? I'm sure that something that a lot of people haven't even ever heard of. 

Annette Richardson  09:47

Yes, telomeres are proteins that are at the end of our chromosomes. And as we age the telomeres basically shrink, they shorten and when we are giving In our body growth factors, it basically helps our cell respond as a as a young cell again, and the telomeres lengthen, for it helps us stain the telomere from becoming shortened.

Janet Walker  10:16

So the product having this egg bio factor that helps the telomeres that helps the skin and other cellular repair throughout the body.  

Annette Richardson  10:29

Yes, yeah, doing it topically is wonderful for the skin, but ingesting it and having it go systemic is even more beneficial in some ways.

Janet Walker  10:41

And what about the recommended dosage for Omnia?

Annette Richardson  10:46

Well, the best recommendation is to take two capsules a day early in the day with your breakfast.

Janet Walker  10:55

And is that because of those B vitamins, you don't want to take that at night and then be awake?  

Annette Richardson  11:01


Janet Walker  11:02

Now that we've talked about Omnia, and what that product does for your skin and your body, let's talk about some exciting stem cell treatments that you've been working with, and  first will give our listeners a little bit of knowledge about stem cells. So what are stem cells? And how are they important in keeping the body healthy.

Annette Richardson  11:24

Stem cells are the master of all cells, they basically grow every organ in our body from birth. Stem cells play a role in when they're used in therapy in regenerating the area that they're injected into, or regenerating the whole body overall through stem cell therapy with infusion. And how they benefit is the number one thing is they reduce inflammation within the body

Janet Walker  11:58

Do stem cells have a lifespan?

Annette Richardson  12:01

They do. And it all depends on how healthy the patient is, which determines the lifespan once they're injected or infused. If the patient is happy, proper nutrition, like we've discussed, and the patient is doing all the right things to help support the stem cells in doing what they need to do. The lifespan what they have found, the research has found from the labs is that six months to a year is basically their lifespan, but they do ignite the resetting of different cycles and resetting system. So that is something that restarts and it doesn't get shut off. So it is an everlasting result from just having the stem cell therapy even though the stem cells only have so much power before they're done with what project they're doing.

Janet Walker  13:04

So then, is stem cell regeneration even possible and if so, how do stem cells regenerate?

Annette Richardson  13:11

Well, stem cell regeneration is definitely possible. I've been working in the stem cell field for eight years now. And I have seen some amazing miracles actually. We I've seen everything injected from the neck, spine, shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, feet, toes, fingers, of course, aesthetically, the scalp the skin, and it does regenerate it goes in first and helps reduce the inflammation in that area. And then it signals the exosomes that come from the stem cell signal outside to bring in what it needs, like growth factors and different things to do the repair work that it needs to do. And so they definitely regenerate. I've seen it in so many cases. And really what they're finding out is they can do even more than they thought they could. So that's exciting.

Janet Walker  14:17

That is exciting. Can you explain a little bit about what stem cell therapy is how it works?

Annette Richardson  14:24

Well, stem cell therapy started in the sports industry. With the athletes they were injecting PRP then they started injecting stem cells. And they noticed the wound healing repair. And then it kind of ended up because of social media and all of this. It's become more mainstream where people are aware and informed of what stem cell therapy really is and now and that they don't have to go outside either the US to have it, which is another thing that we wouldn't have known if social media and the internet hadn't come to life and spread light on that. So there's a number of things that can be treated with stem cell therapy. But technically what it is, is either we do an infusion, and those are for more cognitive, say brain health, brain injury, overall physical health, we'll do infusion, and then injection, of course, that's for joints. And then on the aesthetic side, you have hair restoration and skin restoration.

Janet Walker  15:48

And then where do the stem cells come from? Where do they originate?

Annette Richardson  15:52

Well, the stem cells that we use, there's different ways you can get stem cells, because once they're in your organ, they've grown your organ, you can't take them from a live person, you can get them from bone marrow. But that's an old barbaric way of doing things. It is one of the oldest ways they could extract stem cells, but it's painful. And the stem cells are the same age as the patient. And the same health is the patient. So we like to use there's also adipose fat, you can take it from our adipose fat and harvest them from there. But again, those are the same age as the patient. Besides those, that's the only way to take it from the actual patient. The other ways our donor system, and it's a highly sensitive vetted system with the lab and the hospital. And the universities now, that the FDA, and so they schedule a pickup, and they pick up the umbilical cord from the donate or from the hospital that it was donated from who went through this vetting process prior. The stem cells then go to the lab, from the umbilical cord that is taken from the hospital from the donor, then taken to the lab, and then they harvest the stem cells. Those are pluripotent, they are considered young cells, young stem cells. And those stem cells have no genetic markings. They're universal. And those stem cells are what we use for injection and also for infusion.

Janet Walker  17:41

And those stem cells are from the umbilical cord. Now those are taken postpartum. Is that correct?

Annette Richardson  17:48

Yes, it's all scheduled. Because as soon as it's taken, it is frozen, it's taken to the lab and harvested and then frozen. So it all has to be scheduled, with the designated donor and the hospital and the lab that picks up the umbilical.

Janet Walker  18:10

After the baby's born. We're not harming any babies in the harvesting of these stem cells


Annette Richardson  18:18

Absolutely not. yes, the cells have to stay alive. So it all has to be timed perfectly for the cells to stay alive.

Janet Walker  18:26

So why is there so much excitement around stem cells and stem cell therapy?

Annette Richardson  18:33

I believe because everyone is looking for an answer for their pain and suffering that they're having. And they're not getting any type of result. It's just become a pain management type of world and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. So I think stem cells have become exciting because they offer a solution to fixing the core root of the problem rather than just masking and putting a BandAid on a condition, you know, actually taking it into your own hands and helping fix and treat the condition that you're going through rather than just managing this pain and thinking that it could potentially be forever.

Janet Walker  19:27

Now I know that with managing pain with conventional methods, there are side effects. Are there any side effects with stem cell therapy?

Annette Richardson  19:37

I haven't experienced any side effects with the patients that we've treated in the last seven years and I've also been in contact with a lot of other facilities and doctor practices that do stem cell therapy. The one thing I'd like our listeners your listeners to hear is that, you know, you need to find the right practice the right position, because the stem cells can only do so much. But when placed in improper hands, that's where you can come across some issues. And that has happened, where there's contamination and that's because that one vial is supposed to go to that one patient. And someone gets the idea, I could turn this one vial into two and make double the amount of money.

Janet Walker  20:34

So by diluting it or contaminating it 

Annette Richardson  20:38

that's the only contra indication with cell therapy is improper sterilization, improper ethics, in treatment, and then also in in proper dosage with the patient. But besides those factors, where they're, they're doing too much or not enough in the dosage.

Janet Walker  21:09

How does someone go about selecting a practitioner when they're interested in stem cell therapy to make sure that they're going to someone who is administering the therapies properly?

Annette Richardson  21:23

That's a tough one, because of the FDA guidelines, we're not allowed to really market stem cell therapy. So I would say all of our patients have been through a referral basis. So I would say a good referral goes a long way.  

Janet Walker  21:49

That's good advice. Well, let's get back to skin for a minute. Okay, since you're the skin expert, how to stem cell therapy play a role in skincare.

Annette Richardson  22:02

Well, just like the egg protein growth factors that are in the Omnia, and also in the Lamma, DERM apex, stem cells have exosomes within them, and those exosomes are I would say, the project manager of  the cell, and they go out and they start signaling and they signal to growth factors to go ahead and grow this and fix this and bring me more blood flow, that type of thing. So the stem cells help the skin by regenerating the cell structure and helping this cell become a younger cell.

Janet Walker  22:49

Well, Annette, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this exciting treatment possibility. Stem cell therapy is just going give so many people so much hope for healing without medications with side effects. So thank you so much for sharing that knowledge and also the product knowledge and telling us all about Omnia I really appreciate you being here with us today.

Annette Richardson  23:15

Thank you, Janet. I love talking about on the end I love talking about stem cells so anytime.

Janet Walker  23:22

And listeners if you're interested in having a youthful and healthy skin or body and you're in the Southern California area, given that a call at region OC aesthetics, she's got all the treatments for staying young all the knowledge and experience and I know that she uses the most current treatments on the market. So I'll post her website and contact information on our Facebook page. Thanks again, Annette. Thank you, Janet. And just a listener know the Omnia product is manufactured in a facility that upholds Current Good Manufacturing Practices and is US Food and Drug Administration compliant. It's safe to consume for adults or children over 12 years. While there's no documented cases or instances of adverse reactions. Please don't take Omnia if you're allergic to eggs, fish or soy. If you have any concerns health conditions, or are pregnant or lactating, please consult with your physician. 

Okay, you're probably wondering how you can enter to win free product !. That's right, I haven't forgotten. Now that you know all about Omnia, the wonderful cellular repair supplement for your skin and general health. I'll bet you'd love to try it. You can get a free 30 day supply of Omnia. Just download the American Health Journal channel free on your Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire streaming device. You'll see the healthy cells healthy video banner right at the top of the channel. You can watch a short segment from one of our award winning PBS innovations and medicine program about experts discussing telomere health and LifePharm’s innovative research and clinical studies. 


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And thanks so much for listening to the healthy cells helping you podcast with me your host Janet Walker, and thanks to the people at LifePharm who care about providing the highest quality supplements for health and cellular repair. You can find us on Apple podcasts, I Heart Radio, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe and tell your friends together we'll build healthy cells and healthy you.