Healthy Cells, Healthy You with Janet Walker

Love your skin with Lamiderm Apex and skin expert Annette Richardson of Regen OC!

April 10, 2022 A LifePharm Podcast Season 1 Episode 7
Healthy Cells, Healthy You with Janet Walker
Love your skin with Lamiderm Apex and skin expert Annette Richardson of Regen OC!
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Your skin is a tattle-tale! It can tell others how old you are, how tired you are, if you're stressed, malnourished, ill, and even if you aren't sleeping well. Give your skin a youthful boost!  Guest skin expert Annette Richardson of Regen OC tells us how a healthy skin regimen with Lamiderm Apex can help hide the signs of aging.

With over 30 years in the Beauty and Medical Aesthetics industry as a practitioner, director and consultant, Annette has started over a dozen successful aesthetic medical practices and spas throughout California and the west coast.  In 2010, she opened her own practice offering a multitude of the latest treatments for skin, body and hair. In recent years, Annette has teamed up with MDs specializing in stem cell therapies and rebranded her practice to highlight the focus on stem cell and cellular repair treatments.   To learn more about the treatments available at Regen OC, visit:  Regen OC Aesthetics Med Corona Del Mar (

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Janet Walker  00:03

Welcome to healthy cells healthy you. I'm your host, Janet Walker. I've been working in the health care community for 30 years. And for 16 of those years, I've been a writer and producer for the award winning national PBS Health Information Programs, American Health Journal, and innovations in medicine. We've interviewed 1000s of doctors, scientists and researchers on every topic related to health, medicine and medical technology. You can watch current episodes of innovations in medicine on your local PBS channel. Or you can stream our programs on the American Health Journal channel, the better health channel and TV healthy kids. This podcast is sponsored by the good folks at life farm Incorporated, a company whose innovative cellular repair products are backed by extensive science, research and clinical studies. 

Did you know that you carry around a 20 plus pound tattletale? That's right. It's your skin the largest organ in your body. Your skin can tell others so much about you how old you are, how tired you are. If you're stressed, malnourished ill and even if you aren't sleeping well. Great skin can give you as much confidence as wearing a sharp new outfit, or pulling up in a brand new car. According to the University of Maryland, when we look at our skin at a cellular level, we find that millions of skin cells are being made every day and begin all the way down at the basal or deepest level. These cells divide and produce plump new skin cells that will begin to move up through your skin's layers with the help of collagen, which is a protein that gives your skin its resilience and strength. Skin cells are constantly growing, living, dying and sloughing off to make way for new skin cells to emerge. And it's those new skin cells that keep your skin looking youthful. This continual process must be fueled to be at its most efficient. In this episode, we speak to Southern California esthetician and skin expert Annette Richardson. She'll tell us all about the importance of the skin that is well nourished by vitamins, minerals, hydration, oxygen, and antioxidants. And we'll learn about a wonderful product produced by our sponsors lie farm incorporated that will help your skin stay youthful and healthy from the outside in. Today we're speaking with net Richardson founder and director at Virgin OC esthetics in Corona del Mar California. With over 30 years in the beauty and medical esthetics industry as a practitioner, director and consultant, Annette has started over a dozen successful aesthetic medical practices spas and schools throughout California and the West Coast and Hawaii. In 2010, she opened her own practice, oh mg aesthetics, offering a multitude of the latest treatments for skin, body and hair. In recent years, Annette has teamed up with MD specializing in stem cell therapies and rebranded her practice to highlight the focus on stem cell and cellular repair treatments. Known as virgin OC aesthetics. Annette and her team offer the newest cellular rejuvenating aesthetic treatments, including stem cell exosome, facelifts, and Plaza pen treatments. Annette has been a frequent guest expert on TVs the American Health journal and innovations in medicine, and has been featured in Orange County's Basque and Riviera magazines. Welcome, Annette, and thank you for visiting with me today.

 Annette Richardson  03:42

I am always happy to see you, Janet, thank you for having me. 


Janet Walker  03:47

First, let's talk a little bit about general skin health and how our cells play a role in that what causes rapid aging of the skin?

 Annette Richardson  03:55

Well, there's a lot of factors that cause rapid aging of the skin, such as the environment, the sun, stress that we endure every day, poor nutrition, a lot of us aren't getting the proper nutrients that we need to sustain healthy skin health or healthy anything for that matter. So those are just some I mean, skin is our largest organ, so it's important to take care of it. And with all of this stuff that's coming at us, you know, let alone let's talk stress right now. I think a lot of people are under more amount of stress than before. And that definitely plays a huge role in the breaking down of our of our cellular matrix, you know the collagen and elastin and just aging our skin rapidly.

 Janet Walker  04:48

I want to ask you a little bit more about that extracellular matrix but first, I wanted to ask you, if good genes play a role or are a factor in youthful skin.

Annette Richardson  05:00

Well, absolutely. So you know, the environment and the sun and all of those, you know, the UV radiation does play factors. But if if we are graced with dark melanin, we aren't going to have our skin breakdown as easily as if we don't have much melanin in our skin. So genetics definitely plays a key role in the hand that you're dealt. However, regardless of the hand that we're dealt, we can take care of it with proper skincare, proper nutrition, there's so many things that we can do now, to reverse all of that no matter what hand we're dealt.

 Janet Walker  05:42

you mentioned the extracellular matrix. Can you talk for just a little bit about that tell us what it is and why it's important.

 Annette Richardson  05:50

Yeah, the extracellular matrix is a combination of collagen, elastin, and fibronectin. And they all play a role together in the makeup of our skin, the makeup of the shape of our skin, the tone, the texture, and then the fibronectin is kind of what holds it all together.

 Janet Walker  06:13

Talking about helping the skin or reversing the signs of aging, is there something we could do on a cellular level is there some cellular repair that can help the skin?

Annette Richardson  06:25

Absolutely cellular repair is basically all we could do to reverse aging is it has to be done cellularly. With that in mind, antioxidants help cellular repair. We utilize stem cells in our clinic and exosomes and PRP and all of those help with inflammation. There's a lot of ingredients that you can supplement nutrition, you can supplement and that will also help aid in the repair of your skin cells.

 Janet Walker  07:03

Now I'd like to talk about a product that has cellular repair ingredients that's formulated by life farm. And I know you know a lot about this, because I've interviewed you as an expert on the American Health journal and on innovations in medicine, about some of the research that life farm has been doing on these products. It's called lammeter apex, and it rejuvenates the skin from the outside in. Yes, can you tell us a little bit about lammeter Apex what it is?

Annette Richardson  07:33

Well, lammeter apex is a serum that is used topically I actually used it this morning,

 Janet Walker  07:40

since our listeners can't see you. Let me just tell them that you have gorgeous, smooth glowing skin.

Annette Richardson  07:48

Thank you. I should hope so after being in this industry for so many years. I should I'm doing by now. With that being said, Thank you, Janet, I appreciate that. Yes, Lamaderm is an amazing serum that is used daily. And it's a combination of egg protein growth factors with a whole wonderful lineup of antioxidants and Coenzyme Q 10, vitamin C. And basically, all of this synergistically reduces inflammation and helps cell turnover and stimulate your collagen and your elastin and your fibronectin it does amazing things for the skin. 

 Janet Walker  08:40

Now let's talk specifically about the blend. First, there's a radiance complex. So what is the radiance complex,

 Annette Richardson  08:47

the radiance complex has extracts of seven Swiss alpine plants. It's amazing it brightens the skin and it enhances the cell health of the skin. And it is responsible for this amazing glow you say I have.

Janet Walker  09:04

And then and then there's the nourishing complex. And I know that that has some specific vitamins in it. What's the nourishing complex,

 Annette Richardson  09:11

the nourishing complex is what's going to strengthen your cells against photo aging and that's a combination of Coenzyme Q 10, vitamin C and vitamin E and it also helps improve your overall skin health.

Janet Walker  09:27

Now I know that that blend strengthen cells against photo aging. What is photo aging?

Annette Richardson  09:34

photo aging is caused from the sun it's caused from the UV radiation that basically causes free radicals in our skin and those free radicals break down our cells and break down our collagen and elastin. So what that does is it reverses that type of damage that photo aging.

 Janet Walker  09:56

So is it safe to say that if if P We'll use a good sunscreen, that that will help also help with the photo aging.

Annette Richardson  10:05

I would  sunblock, okay? Over a screen, just because what we're dealing with now is is even more powerful than it was, say 20 years ago. So it's so important that we do use a Daily Sun lock, water resistant, preferably.

Janet Walker  10:27

And that should be one that is made specifically for the face. Right? Not just what you put on what do you put on kids before they go in the ocean?

 Annette Richardson  10:37

Yes, exactly. Correct. Especially with those who have problems skin or who have had acne in the past. No one wants to have a reoccurrence of acne breakout at 30 or 40.

 Janet Walker  10:51

So next, there's the protection and repair complex. And tell us about that.

 Annette Richardson  10:57

Okay, the protection and repair is a combination of antioxidants. It has your pomegranate, Lou berry strawberries. And that helps repair the skin. Again, those antioxidants go in and they replace the damage cell that is missing an electron. And that's what free radical damage does from the photo damaged or from any kind of damage is it breaks down the cell and those antioxidant those super antioxidants that's in that protection and repair complex is what? Counteracts and  stabilizes the skin. 

Janet Walker  11:38

So it's interesting to me that those pomegranate and berry extracts work as antioxidants, not only when we consume them, but actually topically in a serum.

 Annette Richardson  11:49

Well, yes, if you have the correct way to introduce it into the skin, the delivery system is important. And this product has that delivery system as well, a very natural organic delivery system that isn't full of chemicals. So a very natural way to get it into the cellular layer. And that delivery system contains aloe vera, and coconut oil, which is super natural and very easy and for sensitive skin types.

 Janet Walker  12:24

Nice. And then lastly, the product contains egg bioactive growth factors, which I'm sure a lot of people have never heard of. But that's a pretty powerful ingredient. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

 Annette Richardson  12:38

Yes, I love the growth factors that come from the fertilized egg. It's it's the egg bio active growth factors that they extract. And those growth growth factors basically feed the skin cell. They also there's all different types of growth factors and they contain all of them. There's V EGF, which helps grow blood vessels. That's the basal epithelial growth factor. Then there's the TGF, which is transforming growth factor. They contain both of those, but each one does its own thing, and is responsible for growing and regenerating different parts of the skin.

 Janet Walker  13:24

What an amazing combination of ingredients the serum has, you don't really realize the diff that there's a big difference between just picking up a jar of something on a store shelf, and using a product that has so much science and research behind it. Now, there have been clinical studies done on this product. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Annette Richardson  13:46

Yes. The clinical studies have showed us 65% reduction in dark spots, you know, those round spots that we get as we're aging, it also improves your skin tone. There's a 250% increase in your collagen, a 200% increase in your elastin and a 350% increase in your fibronectin and I know we had discussed those. So those all do their part in the whether your skin looks young or not.

 Janet Walker  14:22

So how should Lamaderm Apex be used?

Annette Richardson  14:25

Well, how I prescribe it to our patients and also how I use it myself is I wash my face with my cleanser. And so I pat dry and then I apply the serum to the back of my hand so I get to have that serum helping the back of my hand as well. And I dab from the back of my hand and I apply it first around my area. And then I play the rest all over dabbing and tapping doing the tapping method with a serum versus a rubbing method. And then I applied to my neck and then I rub it in the back of my hands. And then after that, I follow it up with a moisturizer, and then my sunblock. And I use that every morning. You can use it morning and night. But I prefer to use it in the morning.

Janet Walker  15:21

Why do you prefer using it in the morning?

Annette Richardson  15:25

Well, in the morning is when you really need to get those antioxidants and all of that protection onto your skin and into your skin.

 Janet Walker  15:35

Nice the day is the day with the product on stripe. Yes, absolutely. Well, that makes so much sense. And thanks so much for being with us and telling us a little bit about healthy skin and about Lamaderm Apex. Now there's another product that I want to talk about that life farm produces. It helps the skin from the inside out versus the outside in. Would you be willing to come back and talk to me a little bit about that and also about what's new in stem cell treatment for skin?

Annette Richardson  16:10

Absolutely. I would love to love to come back anytime.

Janet Walker  16:15

Well thank you so much, Annette. And listeners if you're in the Southern California area, give a net at region OC aesthetics a call. She definitely knows the secret and has the treatments for staying young. I'll post her website and contact information on our Facebook page.

Thanks so much for listening to healthy cells healthy you with me your host Janet Walker. You can find us on Apple podcasts I Heart Radio, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe and tell your friends. Together we'll build healthy cells and a healthy you.

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